[APG Public List] Assigned township or locality names

Judy frostfree12 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 11:13:10 MDT 2009

Rondina wrote (first post in this thread) >. . . . I clicked on the browse feature and the enumerator gave a description of the land on the first page (which I have never seen before). The land description itself did not match with the topography of the area, but this is beside the point. What I was concerned about was the assignment of a fictitious *township* name based on this description. I'm wondering if anyone else has taken note of such cases.<

I am not completely certain this is what you are after, but I and many others  can confirm that many Township, County and other place-names assigned by Ancestry.com to US Federal Census enumerations and many other databases are quite erroneous an appalling number of times.  Places given may be wrongly spelt (such as "Cogle" for "Eagle," "Grove" for "Gore"), may never have existed (Union Township, Marion County, WV; Worb County, MA and Somersetshire Co., alleged to have existed in Maine, Pennsylvania and Maryland, which also is purported to have had a Worchester County), or may be wrongly assigned (all World War I Draft Registrations in Cabell County, WV are said to have occurred in the index and in the infuriating purported extracts, the so-called "records" created anonymously with soooooooo many errors, in Wayne County.

Ancestry's attributed places are exceedingly untrustworthy, on the whole.

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