[APG Public List] National Genealogical Meetings

Kathy Rippel twinmom22 at cox.net
Mon Oct 5 00:52:23 MDT 2009

Actually, Carolyn I know I'd probably attend even though the 
specifics have no relationship to any lines I'm currently researching.

This is why some of us read NGSQ and others cover to cover; it's the 
problem solving that makes it fun!


At 01:39 AM 10/5/2009, Carolyn Earle Billingsley wrote:
>Also, someone suggested more lectures on problem-solving. I wonder 
>if I gave a lecture entirely composed of why I had a problem knowing 
>if three German Wittenberg brothers were really brothers and the 
>sons of both parents and how I solved the problem with DNA and 
>in-depth genealogical research over one hundred years after the 
>birth of these sons?
>It seems to me that such a specific problem-solving lecture would 
>have few participants. You probably wouldn't come unless you were 
>interested in the specific problem solved, would you? Can national 
>conferences afford to present topics with only ten people in the audience?

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