[APG Public List] Assigned township or locality names

Richard A. Pence richardpence at pipeline.com
Mon Oct 5 18:55:49 MDT 2009

"Rondina Muncy" <rondina.muncy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Richard, If I was using a deed index and it said the deed between two
> parties was located in Book 1: 303 and the deed was actually located in 
> Book
> A: 303, this would make a great deal of difference and definitely waste 
> some
> time and money. Whether or not this is considered an index, wouldn't we 
> want
> it to be a correct index?

And I suggest that it would make no difference at all if the index was on 
line and linked directly to the image of the deed. Which is what we are 
talking about here. You don't have to rush to the court house and look in a 
specific deed book. You merely click the mouse one tiny time and you can 
decide for yourself whether the index information is accurate.

> I would presume the same, but not everyone on this list is a professional
> genealogist, so maybe this thread will help others correctly cite their
> sources.

Which is why I said I am hardly ever astonished by what some folks do. Even 
the ones who hang out here and try to become more professional.


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