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Rondina Muncy rondina.muncy at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 20:47:17 MDT 2009

While we are discussing web site images, I would like to bring up something
I caught this week. Michael John Neill writes a newsletter called *Casefile
Clues.* This past week he discussed a census record from 1810. Ancestry.com
clearly labels the record as being from a specific township. If I go over to
the image on HeritageQuest, no such township is cited. *No Twp Listed* I
clicked on the browse feature and the enumerator gave a description of the
land on the first page (which I have never seen before). The land
description itself did not match with the topography of the area, but this
is beside the point. What I was concerned about was the assignment of a
fictitious *township* name based on this description. I'm wondering if
anyone else has taken note of such cases.

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