[APG Public List] 1840 Census - Citation Question

Arne H. Trelvik atrelvik at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 10:20:06 MDT 2009

I'm cleaning up a lot of source citations after switching from FTM16 to RM4.

The 1840 census for Warren County Ohio has no page numbers on the left
sheet which lists the households and has a stamped number 218 on the
facing right sheet
I'm working on line 13 which Ancestry has indexed as "Wentel" Waggoner
[name was actually Ventel/Ventle]

The Ancestry.com source citation calls the left sheet page 218.

EE page 260 indicates that the pages should be cited as folio 218
(recto or front) and folio 218 (verso or back)

I'm interpreting EE page 260 to mean that I should cite the page for
the above example as 217 (back) line 13 since it is physically located
on the reverse side of the page stamped 217.

I've got a lot of similar citations to fix.  Before I do that, I would
appreciate some feedback on whether I've interpreted EE page 260
If 217 (back) is correct, would you suggest that the citation point
out that ancestry.com calls it page 218?

Thank you.
Arne Trelvik
Lebanon, Ohio

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