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You might be interested in the certificate program by Boston University in
Genealogical Research. The first online course will start Oct. 26. The
course is 14 weeks long and includes assignments that will "be turned in
through electronic means" as you have said below and is done from the
comfort of your own computer. For more information see


I also have participated as the mentor to group1 of the ProGen Study group
who will shortly be completing their 18-month mission by the end of this
year. They have forged bonds, encouraged each other, and learned better ways
to make the mousetraps. These additional benefits when joining a course (vs.
a single lecture or webinar) are a lot of what building our business is
about: networking just as much as the actual "book-learning."


Conferences also add that dimension of networking and being able to have the
happy casual serendipitous conversation that unlocks something for you
either business-wise or research-wise. Courses can also do the same thing.
For example, in the first BU Genealogical Research course, two of the
students found they were related. Other serendipities can happen but only by
getting to know your fellow attendees.


Although learning is learning, there is also a wider picture that many do
not realize are the benefits of larger gatherings. Your ROI (return on
investment) is sometimes greater in something with an overall higher price
tag than in the free or lower-cost options.


And I couldn't agree more with your last statement below, because we *all*
need genealogical advancement. (See Standards 73 and 74 in the Genealogical
Standards Manual.)


Best wishes,



Elissa Scalise Powell, CG


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     I would love to see more genealogy education and conference topics
offered as remote lectures through the new technologies of webinars,
podcasts, and videocasts or even having a degree or certification program
were lectures could be attended using these new technologies and assignments
could be turned in through electronic means.  
     <snipped>  But I also want to advance my genealogical education
learning from leading national speakers and authorities, taking
subject-specific courses, etc. because continued learning is a necessity to
our every changing genealogy world.  

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