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Sun Oct 4 07:23:17 MDT 2009

Well said, Pam. I too take advantage of many "new" opportunities in on-line 
study, chat, and blogging because I don't have the money -- or the time! -- to 
attend every national conference or institute.

I have attended NGS Kansas City and FGS Little Rock -- a small sample -- but I 
have NOT found them overloaded with elementary, mediocre, or repetitive 
presentations. (Of course I avoided those sessions that looked that way to me, 
but I had no trouble filling my card!)

Nor do I object to seeing the same top-notch people presenting year after year, 
since their material is usually new and always inspirational. I buy their CDs 
and listen to them again with benefit. Part of this is also learning which 
speakers are good in which ways. Some are systematic, some are full of ideas 
not always completely followed up; pick the approach you need. I'm in favor of 
improvements but I do not wish to be counted among the complainers by my 

One reason why 1997 really is a very long time ago is precisely the competition 
of the internet. Today we don't have to go anywhere to fraternize with people 
who share our yearning for dusty courthouses and moldy records where we can, as 
Tom Jones says, learn something that no other living person knows. Conference 
organizers are aware of this. Local societies may have a harder time adjusting, 
but that is another story.

Donn Devine started this whole thread by wondering why genealogy conferences 
are planned so far in advance. If anyone gave him a direct answer, I missed it 
and I share his puzzlement. I was surprised to learn that the 2010 APG PMC is 
already set in stone, making it impossible for the organizers to do anything 
specific to build on (IMHO) a superb 2009 offering.


Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from Northwest Indiana
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