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I can feel your pain. However you also have dated your experience to last century. Genealogical conferences really have entered the 21st Century and do learn from their mistakes.


I would urge you to attend the NGS conference in your own local area of Salt Lake City come April 27 to May 1 and participate fully in it. Consider the pre-conference educational opportunities on Tuesday. Come to the APG roundtable Tuesday night (free!), attend the sessions, and wander through the free exhibit hall. I think you may see there are some differences and what the current attendees experience. 


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Thanks for your input.  I went to my first NGS conference based upon the titles of a couple of speeches and was really surprised.  



My point is that I can't tell anything about the presentation from the title.  My personal experience was quite negative and I wouldn't pay the money to go to another national conference based upon titles alone.


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