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we have lawyers who work directly with individuals, we have paralegals, self-help legal counsellors, yet we also have Law as a discipline, where ethics are studied, history, what else...

doctors who work directly with patients, individuals and families yet also a whole range of research and theoretical approaches that have a focus way beyond one individual.  People who study more philosophical matters, ethics for example.

historical societies composed largely of amateurs and self-educated, historians in archives, yet also a strong academic approach.  Things filter up and down between all the various levels.

Yet in Genealogy we talk about "pure genealogy" and focus at one end of a much wider (potentially) discipline that would strengthen, not detract from the 'practice' of genealogy as defined today.  Much is covered by other disciplines, but the focus in that coverage reflects the philosophies behind the various schools of thought connected to those disciplines. We're content to poach material where it serves us, rather than develop our own resources at an academic level

but don't get me started.  Can't be the only one who sees a great potential for genealogy as an academic discipline, and wide opportunities for all kinds of genealogical careers at all levels. But genealogy needs to become self-conscious and confident at the same time.

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