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I'm curious. Just how many lectures at the national level cover material 
easily found in a book (or even books)?

Many (perhaps even most) of these lecturers bring a perspective  to the 
records  about  which they are speaking based upon  hundreds of hours of 
work in the records. They know the history, the quirks, what's missing, 
what the records can and cannot tell you, what access points are helpful 
or whether there are any. With the possible exception of North Carolina, 
I don't know of a state that has such a published resource. Nor do I 
think that you will find a book(s) that will provide the in depth 
knowledge of NARA military records of a Mechiori or a Scott (or Bettag 
on federal land records). And, if you listen carefully, you will also 
learn something about research techniques in the process.

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PLHGenealogy at gmail.com wrote:
> I agree with Jay that I'm much more interested in hearing problem 
> solving scenarios than in attending lectures that give content easily 
> found in books. I would love to see the type of situation Suzie has 
> told about. I think it's safe to say that something like that would 
> take more than one conference session.:-)
> Patti
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