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P. McGregor pmcgr at allstream.net
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Let's not lose sight of the original question which was: Is it an 
infringement of copyright to copy an image from an ebay listing?  By buying 
the postcard that question no longer becomes an issue. If then copying that 
postcard and creating another image is an infringement of the postcard 
copyright is another separate question which I'm sure will generate  some 
discussion of its own.


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> At 06:27 PM 11/25/2009, P. McGregor wrote:
>>I would suggest that if the card is available on ebay and is of
>>genealogical interest to someone, rather than trying to copy the
>>image (which often has that annoying camera watermark in the lower
>>right corner), just buy the card if it is not overly expensive.
> Physical possession of the object, i.e. the postcard, has nothing to
> do with ownership of any potential copyrights that may or may not exist.
> Pat Asher


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