[APG Public List] Google Reader doesn't display Examiner.com blog entries

Debbie Parker Wayne debbie at debbiewayne.com
Tue Nov 10 06:24:51 MST 2009

Thanks, Drew and Gilbert, for your input.

Drew Smith wrote on 11/9/2009 10:04 PM:
> It seems to work fine if you manually add the URL to Google Reader.  I
> was able to view the older items without a problem (in Firefox).
I get the page not found error whether I manually add the URL 
<http://www.examiner.com/RSS-3932-Genealogy-and-Technology-Examiner> to 
Google Reader or if I use the RSS subscription link on the Examiner Web 
site which adds 

Glenn Gilbert wrote on 11/7/2009 8:31 PM:

> The code is not validate for a feed
> http://validator.w3.org/feed/

Thanks for pointing out this tool. It shows both URLs above as invalid. 
I'll read up on this some more and contact someone at the Examiner to 
see if they know what may be happening.

Thanks to everyone, on and off-list, for your help and suggestions. I 
have to move this to the back-burner for a while, but hope to solve it soon.

Regards, Debbie

Debbie Parker Wayne   
Wayne Research -- http://debbiewayne.com/

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