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Thank you very much for the model, it helps me to see the 'forest'
rather than the complexity of the component trees.  In WV these days
there is both a Circuit Court Clerk and a County Clerk, the latter
responsible for deeds, marriages and births, and other non-judicial

Yes, the narratives in the 1904-1909 case Bill of Complaint and Order
recited up to 4 generations of heirs from Caleb Hurley, including many
spouses' names and residences.  Since this find, I have found it very
useful to think in terms of "what circumstances in this life-path would
prompt someone to give us a narrative?"

Many thanks,

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> What a fantastic case you uncovered,
> Judy!  Most genealogists would give an eyetooth to find a 1909 court 
> case that supplied documents and kinships back to 1796.  I've found a
> nice crop of these in parts of the Louisiana Territory and the Old
> Northwest, stemming from a somewhat similar but yet
> different situation. [snip]
> Regarding your roughed-out citation, if I'm interpreting it
> correctly, the EE format would cite it this way:
>     1. Monongalia County, WV, Circuit Court
> Chancery Order Book 17:116-118,
> [name of document], 20 June 1904; original copy in Asa L.
> Cole's Ex'r. vs.
> Nimrod Cole et al., chancery case file [no. ____] (October
> Term 1909),
> County Clerk's Office, Morgantown, WV.
> (Here, I'm also *presuming* that the records are held by
> the County Clerk and have not been moved to, say, the local or
> state library.)
> Elizabeth


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