[APG Public List] sample copy of MJ Neill's Casefile Clues

Michael John Neill mjnrootdig at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 15:18:03 MST 2009

Thanks to the listowner for granting permission for this post.

Approximately three months ago, I began distributing my weekly genealogy
methodology and source column "Casefile Clues" via my own website (
www.casefileclues.com). "Casefile Clues" is not a genealogy newsletter, but
rather a genealogy "how-to" letter. Any list members who would like a sample
copy of "Casefile Clues" at no charge can receive one by sending a request
to me at mjnrootdig at gmail.com.

Questions about the newsletter can be addressed to me at
mjnrootdig at gmail.com.

Michael John Neill
Weekly "Casefile Clues" Column
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