[APG Public List] Google Reader doesn't display Examiner.com blog entries

Carolyne Gould carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 6 14:26:35 MST 2009

I don't know what Google Reader is.

For what it is worth, I run Firefox and when I clicked on 
the link you provided, it took me to a list of articles. When I 
clicked on the article title, I went to the full article. I tried it 
on three of them an all opened just fine, in full.


At 12:08 PM -0600 11/6/09, Debbie Parker Wayne wrote:
>Does anyone use Google Reader in the Firefox browser to successfully
>link to blog entries on the Examiner.com site, for example, the
>"Genealogy and Technology Examiner" blog at
>Examiner.com is the ONLY site I access that does not display properly
>through Google Reader using Firefox. The one-line list of new entries
>and the short 2-3 line article summary display properly in Google
>Reader. When I click on the article title to view the entire article I
>get a "page not found" error from Examiner.com. The full article doesn't
>even display if I try to open it in an IE tab in Firefox. I'm currently
>using Firefox 3.5.4, but had this problem with other 3.x versions and
>maybe even 2.x versions of Firefox.
>I can see the URL used by Google Reader has information that isn't part
>of the URL if I search for the same article directly on Examiner.com. I
>did not include URL details in this message as it would be more than
>most people care about unless they are geeky techs. It is easy to
>compare the two URLs and see the differences if anyone else is that
>interested in all the nitty-gritty details.
>I've looked at this briefly a couple of times over the last few months.
>I always run out of time before I find a solution or get deep enough
>into it to see if it is a site or protocol problem. RSS was not one of
>my areas of expertise when I worked for a computer company. Google
>searches with many, many different search terms have not turned up
>anyone else reporting a similar problem. I'm hoping someone else has
>found this and fixed it and I am not using the right search terms to
>find the solution.
>Regards, Debbie
>Debbie Parker Wayne
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