[APG Public List] Google Reader doesn't display Examiner.com blog entries

Debbie Parker Wayne debbie at debbiewayne.com
Fri Nov 6 11:08:33 MST 2009

Does anyone use Google Reader in the Firefox browser to successfully 
link to blog entries on the Examiner.com site, for example, the 
"Genealogy and Technology Examiner" blog at 

Examiner.com is the ONLY site I access that does not display properly 
through Google Reader using Firefox. The one-line list of new entries 
and the short 2-3 line article summary display properly in Google 
Reader. When I click on the article title to view the entire article I 
get a "page not found" error from Examiner.com. The full article doesn't 
even display if I try to open it in an IE tab in Firefox. I'm currently 
using Firefox 3.5.4, but had this problem with other 3.x versions and 
maybe even 2.x versions of Firefox.

I can see the URL used by Google Reader has information that isn't part 
of the URL if I search for the same article directly on Examiner.com. I 
did not include URL details in this message as it would be more than 
most people care about unless they are geeky techs. It is easy to 
compare the two URLs and see the differences if anyone else is that 
interested in all the nitty-gritty details.

I've looked at this briefly a couple of times over the last few months. 
I always run out of time before I find a solution or get deep enough 
into it to see if it is a site or protocol problem. RSS was not one of 
my areas of expertise when I worked for a computer company. Google 
searches with many, many different search terms have not turned up 
anyone else reporting a similar problem. I'm hoping someone else has 
found this and fixed it and I am not using the right search terms to 
find the solution.

Regards, Debbie

Debbie Parker Wayne
Wayne Research -- http://debbiewayne.com/
APG Member -- http://apgen.org/
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