[APG Public List] Copyright

P. McGregor pmcgr at allstream.net
Wed Nov 4 16:14:43 MST 2009

Fellow list members

Interesting discussion about copyright... Just a note of caution. Let's not 
forget that this list is one that crosses international boundaries. That 
means we must be careful when we make blanket statements about issues - 
especially when they involve legislation. Example - The copyright law in 
Canada is probably not the same ast that in the US or England or Australia 
or any other of the number of places where posters to this list reside. The 
*intent* of such laws may be the same, but the devil is in the details.  So 
probably while the majority on this list are American, I would hesitate to 
offer my opinion about copyright without adding the caveat that it is my 
understanding of how it applies in Canada, which is where I live and do most 
of my research. Otherwise I run the risk of spreading mis- or incomplete 

When we make claims that this or that is true or false (or right or wrong), 
let's not forget to explain the context.

Patty McGregor
Ontario, Canada

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