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Yes, that's it.  I started looking at the issue of copyright and obits, and 
ended up browsing through multiple sites.  In the end I don't think I really 
found anything that was conclusive.  It's one of those things that sits on 
the edge of defined copyright territory.


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  At 03:00 PM 11/4/2009, LBoswell wrote:
  >There is on the internet an unverified account of an attempted
  >copyright suit between two newspapers. One was reprinting the
  >other's obits. The judge threw out the suit saying that copyright
  >could equally be assigned to the funeral home who wrote the obits.
  >Apologies for not having the link as I just read it and moved on.


  I'm guessing you're thinking of the Times-Tribune vs Times Leader
  lawsuit, both PA newspapers.

  While the Judge dismissed the majority of the claims in September,
  the lawsuit has been allowed to move forward on the remaining claims.

  It will be interesting to watch.

  Pat Asher
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