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I am certainly no expert but it sounds to me that since it was your mother's personal property, you can legally deed it as a gift.  If, however, you DID know the name of the person(s) in the video and could contact their relations, I'm thinking you might have to get their permission before gifting it out just to cover your bases.


Usually, an attorney will give you 30 minutes of free advice but that's here in the States.  Perhaps you could call an attorney local to the area of the donation to discuss over the phone.

 Thank you very much!

Marietta, GA

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This is kind of off-topic, but perhaps someone can help me out here.

My elderly mother, who lives here in Jerusalem, grew up in a small town 
in western Pennsylvania.  We are moving Mother to a nursing home and came 
across a video showing the fiftieth anniversary of on old schoolmate of 
hers, whose surnames (birth & married) I don't know.  The friend died a 
few years ago.  I think the husband died too.

So I asked the historical society in the town if they want the video, and 
they said they do.  So I mailed it a couple of weeks ago.  Today I 
received a "Deed of Gift" for signature.  I don't know the legal 
ramifications of this and don't really want to spend money asking a 
Pennsylvania attorney.  

Are we the "owner" who is in fact authorized to donate this?  Might this 
upset the friends family - if indeed she has any?  Is this more 
complicated than it is worth?

Israel Pickholtz
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