[APG Public List] Genealogy Conferences for 2010 -- the Ed Fund Workshop pre-NGS

Barbara Mathews bmathews at gis.net
Tue Dec 29 17:21:59 MST 2009

The BCG Education Fund workshop is limited to 60 people. It takes place on
the day before the NGS conference activities. NGS has been very supportive
of the Education Fund and allows use of conference space but doesn't require
cross-registration. That is, you can spend the $90 on the workshop without
attending the conference itself if you are really cutting costs. That's a
real strong sense of support NGS gives the Ed Fund.
Every year the Education Fund does two different topics. Every year they
change. This year the two topics are Kip Sperry on reading early
handwritting and Pam Sayre on synchronizing reporting/writing with research
[grin: some know this by the term "res-righting"]. Each attendee goes to
both workshops. Together they take up the full day and lunch is included.
I'm one of the Education Fund trustees, which is how I seem to know so much!
We tried to get the best to present these two topics. Generally registration
closes before the end of the NGS conference early-registration period. You
register for it using the regular NGS conference registration site.
Yours, Barbara
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