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What you are talking about reminds me of a slide sorter?  Would that work?

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I used a digital camera on a high res setting, and a homemade back lit 
holder (translucent white plastic with a flourescent fixture behind it  (you

need to set the light so that there isn't a strongly lit focus or 'hot spot'

where some slides are lit differently than others).  Use an indoor or 
flourescent setting on the camera.  Camera is simply left squared up to the 
holder, and on a tripod until I've completed however many slides I need to 
scan.  Have done hundreds of slides in no time at all (inherited a 
collection of 3000 slides that needed to be copied).  Line the slides up, 
'click'....next batch.

You can buy these back lit displays secondhand from a photo store but it's 
easy to make one up

I find about 8-10 slides grouped together works best.  Then open the result 
in any graphics/photo editor and cut/paste each image out (lowers the 
resolution of each individual image, but still easily high enough to display

digitally or print out in a standard sized print).

Better results than my scanner (which has a slide scanner built in), and 
much faster.  But of course not worth setting up if you're just doing a 
handful of slides.

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>A few years ago, I scanned several hundred slides for my parents' 50th 
>anniversary party. I purchased a slide adaptor for my flatbed scanner. 
>Although the results were very good, I would not recommend doing it  that 
>way if you have the volume you are talking about. It was *very*  slow and 
>tedious. If I had to do it over again, I would invest in a  dedicated slide

> Amy
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> Amy Johnson Crow, CG
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> On Dec 26, 2009, at 8:52 PM, Claire Bettag wrote:
>> I have several hundred 35mm slides (snapshots taken mainly in the  1970s 
>> and '80s) that I want to convert to digitized images--just to  preserve 
>> the family photos. I'm considering sending the slides off  to a service 
>> to have them done rather than purchase a scanner to  convert them myself.

>> I'd appreciate any advice, recommendations,  pointers from others who 
>> have used such services. Feel free to  respond privately.
>> Many thanks, in advance.
>> Claire
>> Claire Bettag
>> 1685 34th Street NW
>> Washington, DC 20007
>> 202-625-2598
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