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Thu Dec 24 06:48:12 MST 2009

Until someone more knowledgeable wakes up or gets free from holiday 
celebrations, three thoughts from a couple of counties away:

The list of parishes (current and closed) is at 
http://www.dcgary.org/parishes.htm. Which parish was theirs? Fortunately Gary 
city directories from the 1950s are available both at Gary Public Library 
(easily accessible by train or car) and at Lake County Public Library in 
Merrillville (easily accessible by car).

The Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society is prodigiously active, and among 
their activities is transcribing and proofreading marriage books. I don't think 
they're up to 1958 but work is proceeding and volunteers can assist remotely. 

If you have an exact marriage date, microfilms of the Gary Post-Tribune (at 
Lake County Public Library and others) might do the trick.

Hope this helps a bit.


Harold Henderson
Research and Writing from Northwest Indiana
hhsh at earthlink.net
home office 219/324-2620

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