[APG Public List] Value of your personal family history and genealogy collection

Mary E. Petty - Heirlines, Inc mary at heirlines.com
Wed Dec 23 16:37:28 MST 2009

Dear APG public list members,

Does anyone have any experience with determining the value of your personal genealogy and family history collection?  Do you know the monetary value of your materials?  Have you ever insured it for loss?  How did you determine its value?  What categories did you use?  Did you include the costs of acquiring the collection, personal research time, professional research assistance, copies, travel, etc? How do you value the irreplaceable, like family bibles, pictures, original certificates, legal documents, and other memorabilia?    Do you know the replacement value of your collection with all of this considered?   If you did incur a loss, how did the insurance company respond?  

I would love to communicate with those that have dealt with this issue, both professionally and personally.  Thanks so much.  
Sincerely yours,
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APG National and Salt Lake
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