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Laura Prescott laura at lauraprescott.com
Tue Dec 22 07:45:26 MST 2009

Hi, Cyndi. The solution was discussed in earlier posts on this thread so I
didn¹t copy Dick¹s version here. Sorry.

On Sunday afternoon, ³Jackie² (no name or signature line provided) wrote,
³In IE 8, go to tools, and check compatibility view.²

According to Dick¹s blog: Any time you find a web page that does not display
properly in Internet Explorer 8, click on the "Compatibility Mode" icon.
That is the icon just to the right of the address (URL) bar, just to the
left of the refresh icon. The Compatibility Mode icon looks a bit like a
page that has been torn in half. You can see an image of it to the right.

Since I use Firefox and a Mac, I can only assume that is detailed enough to
make things work for you. Hope it solves your problem and you can read the
entire post for yourself.


Laura G. Prescott
Brookline, NH

On 12/22/09 8:45 AM, "Cyndi Henry" <texicanwife at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry to attach the previous post with this, but it is pertinent.
> I was unable to read what Dick Eastman posted regarding the problem of only
> being able to view the header of his newsletter, because his post also only
> shows the header!
> Can anyone else explain the problem to me? Nothing is showing up, except the
> header on any of the pages.
> What a disappointment, as I saw several articles I would like to read!
> Any fixes???
> Cyndi Beane Henry
> Mountain Genealogists
> "In God We Trust!"

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