[APG Public List] Comcast Blocking of APG e-mail

Jan Tripp jantripp at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 09:48:37 MST 2009

It looks like the Grinch at Comcast has stolen my Christmas!  I'm still not
receiving anything from the APG lists and Comcast says "it appears as though
there might be an issue with blocked email."

Is anyone else on the list having trouble? Comcast claims that they don't
block individual e-mail.  My e-mail stopped from the "apgmembersonlylist"
and "apgpubliclist" on December 8.  I ended up subscribing to the public
list using my Google gmail account just to convince  myself  APG listers
weren't just off taking a holiday break.

I found only 2 people posting from Comcast on  the APG public list in
December -- myself and Kathleen Hinckley on December 13. It looks like
Comcast's actions are having a small impact on list subscribers especially
during a lull in list traffic during the holidays.

Ann Arbor, MI
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