[APG Public List] Free genealogical lectures on web

Barbara Mathews bmathews at gis.net
Sat Dec 19 10:12:41 MST 2009

I run a Toshiba and use Windows Internet Explorer. I was super pleased with
the online lectures that the FamilySearch people put up as a service to APG.
I love being able to see the lecturer, hear the lecture, and look at the
slides all at the same time.

I also found the choice of lectures very good. I learned something from
every one of them. My thanks to the outgoing APG board for bringing about
this opportunity for me. I haven't attended the APG PMC in a decade, so this
was a delightful service for our organization to offer.

I wasn't involved in the decision-making surrounding getting the three PMC
lectures online. However, I do know that the FamilySearch people performed
this for free for APG. I imagine that they used the facilities that they had
in place. Furthermore, I imagine that it is because 90% or more of computer
users run on the IBM PC type of platform that the first approach to this
service supported that platform. This is all conjecture on my part. I have
no intention of looking a gift horse in the mouth. 

Perhaps APG members can offer suggestions about other types of recorded
lecture facilities to use. Just remember, that the solution you offer MUST
work on the predominant IBM with IE platform, that it should be free, and
that it must transfer seamlessly to other platforms or software such as
Apple or Firefox. Please offer us solutions to what you see as a shortfall
in the recorded lecture trial run.

Yours, Barbara

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