[APG Public List] Free genealogical lectures on web

Debbie Parker Wayne debbie at debbiewayne.com
Fri Dec 18 12:22:38 MST 2009


I haven't been able to view the presentations either. I was very 
disappointed in the choice of Silverlight, especially now that so many 
of us are getting Netbook's and may not want to install a lot of bloated 
software we don't use for anything else. I considered biting the bullet 
and installing Silverlight, but I found lots of reported compatibility 
issues between Silverlight and Firefox. Nothing will convince me to use 
Internet Explorer or to install Silverlight until it is a more mature 
and compatible product.

I wish APG, FamilySearch, and others would consider that even those of 
us who use PCs don't want to install every new fad program. My computer 
is not a toy. It is a vital part of my business that I can't afford to 
lose by installing new, untested programs with known problems.

I'm expressing a personal opinion and not trying to start a Microsoft / 
Open Software or Mac / PC war. Just hoping to get the powers that be to 
consider what an imposition it is to require users to constantly install 
new programs and new versions just to view a video clip. When I worked 
for a computer company it was easier to have multiple computers and 
designate one as a crash-and-burn test system to check out new things. 
It isn't as easy now that I have to pay for all the equipment myself or 
take a chance some new program will break some other necessary tool on a 
vital piece of equipment.

Regards, Debbie

Debbie Parker Wayne   
Wayne Research -- http://debbiewayne.com/

Carolyne Gould wrote on 12/18/2009 2:59 PM:
> I'm glad this test run has been put online; but, unfortunately I 
> cannot watch the presentations. The system requires Microsoft 
> Silverlight. I run a Macintosh. My version is OS 10.2.8 --- but the 
> minimum Silverlight requirement on a Mac is 10.4.8.
> ...
> At 9:12 AM -0500 12/17/09, Jan Tripp wrote:
>> ...
>> ...
>> Visit the PMC Webcast page at 
>> http://www.apgen.org/publications/pmc_webcast.html. We are very 
>> interested in your feedback regarding this experiment, so be sure to 
>> send any impressions (positive or negative) to our Executive Director 
>> at admin at apgen.org <mailto:admin at apgen.org>."

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