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I've been watching the dialogue back and forth on this list and this is the first time I am glued to my computer to see what everyone's response is. I think this is an excellent question that effects all of us. 

To expand on Karen's question, I would like to know what types of reports are being generated to give to the client. 

Personally, I have been creating a pedigree chart and an ahnentafel report for the client. I also include copies of all the supporting media such as census reports, etc... I've bought several nice presentation binders and put the documents into the sheet protectors. The last report was about 50 pages which fit neatly into the binder. I think overall it creates a very nice look.

I've always wanted to do a more professional looking book that was bound but no client has ever wanted to pay the cost for creating such a book. 

I would love to know everyone else's procedure for creating and presenting a report to a client. 


Todd White 

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How do y'all put together the reports that you give to a client?  By this, I am asking: how do you physically organize and present the materials?  Do you put the report and documents in three ring binders? report covers? stapled? held together with binder clips? Does the size of the report and the number of documents change how you present the materials?

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