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> How do y'all put together the reports that you give to a client?  By this,
> I am asking: how do you physically organize and present the materials?  Do
> you put the report and documents in three ring binders? report covers?
> stapled? held together with binder clips? Does the size of the report and
> the number of documents change how you present the materials?
> Karen,

I have my own copy and the client's copy of the report bound with spiral
binders. I have found that just using the black backing and the clear cover
that Staples, Kinkos or Alphagraphics provides is the best. It allows you to
view the first page of the report. If you have multiple reports to a client,
this helps both parties keep them in order. For smaller reports, I used to
use gray pocket folders, presenting the invoice and cover letter on the left
side and the report on the right side. I have given that practice up
altogether because normally my reports will not fit into the folder and I
believe the spiral binding looks more professional. Staples rust unless you
are using stainless steel ones, which I do. However, I would never use
staples or binder clips in a client report.

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