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Elissa Scalise Powell, CG Elissa at PowellGenealogy.com
Fri Dec 4 09:29:33 MST 2009

Along that vein, "?c*se" brings up Scalise and some variants. Can be handy
when that first letter is misread.

-- Elissa

Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
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> From: On Behalf Of Pat Asher
> Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 10:45 AM
> The ? represents a single unknown letter, then the * represents any
> number of unknown characters preceding the "m".
> Since "um" is sometimes misread as "nn", I tried "an?*", but the
> series is rejected without a following letter.  OTOH, it will accept
> "a*im", so there is a little more flexibility than I thought.

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