[APG Public List] Need help with Members List

Craig Kilby persisto1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 21:34:51 MDT 2009

Hello fellow list members,

I am looking for some kind soul to help me out a bit. I am member of  
APG but have recently changed my email address, and soon after that I  
spilled coffee onto my keyboard (laptop) and fried the logic board.  
(Bear with me Richard Pence).

So, that is all resolved now. I managed to change my APG profile but  
they say it will take at least 5 days to acknowledge my new email  
address.  (Why, I have no idea. Most membership sites do this  

So, in the meantime, I am trying with no success to find the  
subscription site for APG members only. I know I got an email about  
it, and read about it on Dick Eastman's newsletter.


1. Where is this information now? I cannot find it even when logged in  
to APG

2. Should I just wait for the 5 or so days until APG gets around to  
acknowledging my new email address?

All advice welcome.

Two weeks in computer Hades

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