[APG Public List] Electrical Storm Protection

EILEEN SOUZA eileen.souza at verizon.net
Sun Aug 30 14:30:51 MDT 2009

After we lost computers and other electronics to a lightning strike in the
early nineties, we had the local electric company fit us with "whole house
surge suppression" for which we pay a small monthly fee.  They completely
replaced the outside box.  In addition, I have high-end surge suppressors on
my home theater and office electrical equipment and I have an UPS box for my
I invested this money because I found that the home owners insurance had
only limited pay-outs for computer equipment unless I added riders, which
was cost prohibitive. 
That said--two years ago, lightning struck a very tall oak tree in our
backyard.  It proceeded to take out the phone lines and anything attached to
them including some of the surge suppressors.  None of these safeguards
really protects the phone lines.  We lost fax/printers, phones, router, DSL
modem and the satellite receiver.  But, it wasn't as big a loss as the first
time, and everything that was plugged into the house outlets was fine.
I looked into lightning rods but read that they could draw lightning to your
house so I did not have one installed.  And they say lightning doesn't hit
twice. <g>
Eileen Souza
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