[APG Public List] Electrical Storm Protection

Craig Kilby persisto1 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 12:02:28 MDT 2009

Regarding the recent discussion of lightening strikes. A few years
lightening hit a "something" at the house. It was the strangest moment of my
life. Oddly enough, the power never went. But it blew up the satellite,
traveled through the wall (broke a window while at it.) The power surged on
and came right back on.

But nearly everything else was fried to a crisp. Computer modems, all
telephones, cable TV (but only television was fried for some reason),
microwave (but no other kitchen appliances.) Thankfully, my land lord's
mother was on oxgen but nothing exploded and since the power didn't go out
that was not a problem.

Long story short, after this happened, the electric company came over and
gave us a "super surge protector"--for free. But just one. Others would cost
more. And, if anything hooked up that protector (includes two phone
connections, cable TV connection and several outlets) then they would cover

I haven't tried to "TEST" this for real, but now as soon as I even hear a
rumble in the distance, everything gets unplugged--starting of course with
the computers!

So, call your electric company to see if they provide this service in your

Craig K
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