18 August 2007
Kathleen W. Hinckley, CG, Executive Director
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APG Recognizes Genealogists with Achievement Awards

The Association of Professional Genealogists presented its highest award on August 18, 2007 to past president J. Mark Lowe, CG. Sharon Tate Moody, CG, president of APG, presented this year’s awards at the association luncheon at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference (FGS) in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Lowe received the Grahame T. Smallwood, Jr. Award of Merit for his service to APG as a Board Member, vice president and president from 2000 – 2005. Lowe, a researcher and lecturer from Tennessee, also is a former vice president of FGS. He has written articles for a variety of genealogical society publications. His own publications include Robertson County Tennessee Marriage Book 2, 1859-1873 and Pioneer Cemetery (Bowling Green, Ky.).

Dr. Stephen P. Morse received the APGQ Excellence Award for his exceptional articles published in the APG Quarterly last year. His “One-Step” search tools have assisted genealogists greatly by making it easier to find their ancestors within existing large genealogical databases. Morse is a computer professional who holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering. He is best known as the architect of the Intel 8086 which sparked the PC revolution 25 years ago.

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to:

· Patricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL, for committee work leading to the PMC Young Professional Scholarship. Stamm, from Missouri, teaches genealogical classes at St. Louis Community College. She has served on the APG Board for the past five years.

· Richard F. Robinson, CG, for his work as APG Information Officer. Robinson, based in Boynton Beach, Florida, writes for popular historical-genealogical publications including the APG Quarterly. He was the charter president of the APG Florida Chapter.

· Amy Larner Giroux, CG, CGL, for her work as APG Webmaster, particularly during the web site and directory upgrades of the last year. Giroux, a researcher, lecturer and writer from Florida, is an award-winning author and a trustee for the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG).

· The APG Oregon Chapter for several years of work organizing and leading discussions at APG Roundtables. Each year the Oregon Chapter provides the approved subject for the APG sponsored Roundtable. The Roundtable is held at the national conferences sponsored by the National Genealogical Society and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

APG awards are given annually to recognize excellence and achievement within the field of genealogy.

APG (, established in 1979, represents professional genealogists, people in related professions, and others who do professional-quality work for hire or for themselves. It has more than 1,800 members worldwide.