26 March 2012

Association of Professional Genealogists Unveils Schedule of Themes for its Quarterly Publication
26 March 2012 – Westminster, Colo. The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG®) announced its schedule of themes for its quarterly publication, The Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly (APGQ). The schedule covering the last two issues of 2012, as well as all four 2013 issues, is:

September 2012 issue (deadline 15 June 2012): Tools for Productivity: Time Passes, but Will You? Technologies or techniques for managing a genealogy business, clients, and/or genealogical information.

December 2012 issue (deadline 15 September 2012): Views from 2012 on Professional Genealogy. Short personal reflections on all aspects of the profession from many points of view.

March 2013 issue (deadline 15 December 2012): Marketing Strategies: Beyond “Will Do Genealogy for Food.”

June 2013 issue (deadline 15 March 2013): My Big Fat Genealogy Career(s) or A Peek under the Umbrella. Career options for genealogists, preferably first-person accounts of the good, the bad, and the profitable. VSeptember 2013 issue (deadline 15 June 2013): “What Did You Just Say?” Effective Client Communication. Report writing, personal/telephone/email contacts, dispute resolution, “qualifying” or screening potential clients, etc.

“We thank APGQ Editor Matt Wright and the APGQ Advisory Committee who have come up with a slate of compelling themes for the Fall 2012 and all 2013 issues,” said APG President Kenyatta D. Berry. “Our members frequently refer back to past issues for ideas, advice, and skill building. Having issues that follow a theme will be an exciting change for APGQ readers, authors, advertisers, and members searching for expert advice on a particular topic.”

On the Members-Only section of the APG website, members have access to past issues from 2004–2011. An index of 1979–2010 issues is posted at

“We developed themes based on the hot buttons for our readership and for the genealogy profession,” said Matt Wright, Editor, APGQ. “We hope the themes will inspire writers, new and regular, to submit articles. We also hope to help advertisers better plan their campaigns with us.”

For more information on the publication, see Writer's guidelines can be found at .

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