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PMC Webcast

In partnership with FamilySearch, APG is pleased to make available videos of presentations from the 2009 and 2010 APG Professional Management Conferences. APG is offering this rich professional educational opportunity as a service to the genealogical community. In the future, we plan to explore other options such as pay-per-view and live streaming video.

A Key to Success: Your Online Presence - D. Joshua Taylor
In the 21st century, the online presence of any professional is essential to their success. This lecture will challenge professionals to think "outside the box" of a standard website, focusing on multiple online tools that can be used for their business. Specific topics will include Facebook, eBay, wiki technology, GoogleDocs, blogs, twitter, and other tools to market themselves and their businesses. Discussions of online security and privacy concerns will also be included, as well as techniques to use an online presence to communicate, share documents, and connect with a client.

Choosing the Best Continuing Education Opportunities - Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
This lecture will present various options for continuing genealogical education and will show examples from each program. University courses, conferences, institutes, self-guided study, virtual peer group study, and on-line offerings will be highlighted. The pros and cons of learning styles, price, availability, time commitment and guidance discussed and compared. Attendees will achieve a better understanding of each type of study and will be able to evaluate which they want to pursue further in creating their own continuing education plan.

Get Published in Magazines! - Leslie Albrecht Huber
Many people dream of seeing their words in print but don't know how to go about getting them there. Others write occasionally for small-scale publications for free - but aren't sure how to take the next step to better paying and more widely circulated publications. This lecture will provide the information necessary to be more successful as a freelance writer. The focus will be on genealogy publications but will also cover history magazines and other general-interest magazines.

Bull's Eye! Planning and Delivering a Winning Marketing Campaign by Heather Henderson

In this hand-on lecture viewers will learn six essential marketing skills to craft attention-getting messages, cost effectively deliver them via print, web, and other outlets, and measure the return. Viewers will learn how to identify the target audience, craft a multimedia message, deliver that message, make the message viral, measure the return on investment and reward the customer.

The Bachelor: Reconstructing a Solitary Life Using Obscure & Far-Flung Records by Mary Penner

Where do you turn when your research subject left no will, never married, and had no children? Discover how turning over every dusty rock along an ancestral trail can produce effective research results for clients. Viewers will learn about obscure and elusive resources and how casting a wide net across the span of his acquaintances and his time in history revealed the bachelor's nineteenth-century story - a life full of adventure, peril, scandal, and a murder or two.

Get Paid for Your Passion: Becoming a Professional Genealogist by Elissa Scalise Powell, CG

Many genealogists, hooked on the thrill of the chase, would like to know more about what it takes to become a professional and get paid for their passion. This lecture explores psychological, educational, and physical requirements for achieving that goal. Since many businesses fail within one to three years, tips are provided to help the attendee evaluate whether this is for him/her and what it takes to be successful. Topics covered include: defining professionalism; adjusting mental attitudes and doing a self-assessment; tips for success; learning progression; continuing education; finding a mentor; specializing; hanging out your shingle.

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