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Current issue Table of Contents


"Why Hire a Professional Genealogist?"

"Becoming a Professional Genealogist"

"Guidelines for the Use of Credentials & Postnominals in Professional Genealogy"

The text can be printed from these web pages. Brochures are also available by contacting

PMC Webcast

As a result of a generous offer from FamilySearch, APG is making available several presentations from the 2009 APG Professional Management Conference, which took place on September 2 at the FGS Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Public List

In the past, APG sponsored a public mailing list dedicated to discussing topics of interest to genealogical professionals, individuals considering the profession of genealogy, family historians, and others seeking professional networking and advice. Although this list is no longer active, the archives remain available for public reading.

Browse the online archives by conversation thread, subject, author, or date for mailing list postings dated August 2009 to July 2011.

APG members may subscribe to the APG Members-Only List. This unmoderated mailing list is used to discuss topics of interest to the members of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Subject matter includes but is not limited to genealogical and historical sources, research methodology, business principles and practices, APG business, and much more.

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