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2007 APG Election Results

Elected to two-year terms on the 19-member board are:

Executive Committee - Two-year term 2008-2009:
President: Jake Gehring
Vice President: Laura G. Prescott
Treasurer: Gordon Gray
Secretary: John Vincent Wylie

Board of Directors - Two year term 2008-2009:

Region 1 - West
Suzanne Russo Adams, AG (Utah)
Karen Wallace Steely (Washington)

Region 2 - Midwest
Timothy Pinnick (Illinois)
Barbara Brixey Wylie (Texas)

Region 3 - Southeast
Carolyn Earle Billingsley, Ph.D. (Arkansas)
Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL (Virginia)

Region 4 - Northeast
Pamela Eagleson, CG (Maine)
Maureen A. Taylor (Massachusetts)

International Region 5B
Cornelia Schrader Muggenthaler (Italy)

Nominations Committee - One year term 2008
Janet Irwin (Oregon)
Paula Stuart-Warren, CG (Minnesota)

(See the Membership Directory for more information on these members)

Done in accordance with the

Bylaws of the Association of Professional Genealogists

Section 1. Nominations.
A. Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee shall make nominations for all offices for which elections are to be held.
1. The Nominations Committee shall ensure that all nominees are eligible for election.
2. The Nominations Committee shall ensure that the nominations for the Board of Directors from each established region are sufficient for the election of two (2) directors in even-numbered years and two (2) directors in odd-numbered years from each established US/Canada region. One (1) director will be elected from each designated international region.
3. Prior to preparing the voting ballot, the Nominations Committee shall issue a Call for Recommendations for Nomination. Recommendations shall be solicited from the membership via the Quarterly.
Section 2. Elections.
A. Balloting. The Nominations Committee shall prepare written ballots for voting and oversee their distribution to all eligible voters.
B. Teller. The most immediate past Chair of the Nominations Committee willing to serve shall be the Elections Teller and shall tally the votes and report the election results. The teller shall, with approval of the Executive Committee, appoint assistants to tally the votes.
Section 3: Terms of Office.
A. Officers. Officers shall serve for two (2) years beginning on the first day of January following election and may serve two (2) consecutive terms.
B. Members of the Board of Directors. Directors shall serve for two (2) years beginning on the first day of January following election and may serve no more than three (3) consecutive terms.
C. Nominations Committee members shall serve for one (1) year beginning on the first day of January following election and may serve no more than one (1) consecutive term.

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