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Michael Waas

Hollander-Waas Jewish Heritage Services

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Jun 2019 From Tudesco to Portuguese: A case study on the Waas-Levie (Vaz Lopes) of Amsterdam. The Ninth Annual Conference of the Society for Sephardic Studies: Sephardi Jews between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, conference, Lisbon. Jun 2019 The Strangers Amongst You: Iberia, Fluidity of Identity, and the Entry of Non-Levantine Genetic Ancestors into the Jewish People. Terras de Sefarad, conference, Bragan a. Oct 2018 Haplogroup J-Z640 - Genetic Insight into the Levantine Bronze Age. Third International Conference on Genomics History, Medicine and Society, Haifa Jun 2018 The Forgotten Portuguese Diaspora: The Ma aminim (The D nme of Salonika and the Ottoman Balkans). Jews of Portugal and the Spanish-Portuguese Jewish Diaspora, conference, Lisbon. Jul 2017 Next-Generation YDNA Sequencing Projects: J-Z640, R-BY3314 and others. 37th annual International Conference on Jewish Genealogy. Panel with Adam Brown. Jul 2017 DNA 301: What Y-DNA Lineages Can Tell Us About Jewish History and Migration (BigY). 37th annual International Conference on Jewish Genealogy. Panel with Rachel Unkefer, Janet Akaha, and Adam Brown May 2017 El Muzeo Djidio: Re-imagining Jewish Identity through Heritage in Salonika during the transition from Ottoman Selanik to Greek Thessaloniki. Salonica: A Multicultural City in the Ottoman Empire and the Greek State, workshop, Jerusalem. [publication forthcoming]

2019 Haplogroup J-Z640-Genetic Insight into the Levantine Bronze Age. Journal of Phylogenetics & Evolutionary Biology, 7(1): 209. 10.4172/2329-9002.1000209 2018 The Port Khan of Akko: Abu Christ, between Heritage and History. Society for Historical Archaeology: The SHA Newsletter 51(4):25-28. See:

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