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Frederic Deleuze

CFD Genealogie

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I am a professionnel researcher since 1997. I have graduated from Montpellier University (France) with a master's degree in medieval history and a public law licence. I am based in the south of France.

Service Description:
I have been conducting genealogical research in all the France, including the island of "Reunion" in the Indian ocean, in Belgium and Mauritius. I will propose you differents services : 1) Localisation of the native place of your ancestor who migrate. For exemple, if you know that your ancestor take the boat in Marseille, I will try to know more about the conditions of his departure and from where he came exactly. 2) Translation and analyse of your own documents, or documents you ll find on the web : name, first names, places ... 3) Two types of genealogy (If we know your ancestor birthplace) : - Your family tree in direct line : from your ancestor who migrate, I follow his genealogy from men to men (agnatic genealogy) or woman to woman (cognatic genealogy) and this, until written sources have been exhausted. - Your family tree with collaterals : From your ancestor who migrate, I study the brothers and sisters descendants to establish the family links with your french cousins. This study can be very long to establish, because this study reassemble lots of people. 4) Historical and biographical searches For exemple, a family story tell me that my ancestor work on the Eiffel Tower at the end of the nineteenth century? Is it true ? I am also a specalist of the French Protestants

Academic Degrees:
Master (Medival History) ; Licence (Public Law)

Research Specialty:
Colonial ; Emigration & Immigration ; Huguenot ; Land Records ; Military ; Naturalization

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
France ; Belgium

Service Categories:
Historian ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Reunion Planner ; Author/Writer ; Transcription

Accepts Clients:

31, rue des Barris
Le Vigan
Postal Code:
Web Site:

Other Sites:
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