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Robert Semes


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I have been working on family history research for over fifty years (since high school) and have most of my academic training in history and related fields. I taught history for a total of seventeen years in colleges and universities on the East and West Coasts and also exercised by bi-vocational career as an Episcopal priest in between academic positions. Born and raised in the Greater Miami, Florida area with college and university training all the way up the East Coast to Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am particularly interested in helping people connect with their ancestry and culture in order to better understand themselves and their families. My mother's ancestors in almost 90% of her lines go back to Colonial American people. My father's ancestors are basically Hungarian as he was a first generation American. I have had experience in tracing Hungarian lines since almost all church records are extant having been written in Latin; but principally experienced in tracing British ones. At least one of my own British lines goes back to William the Conqueror and before: Saxon, Welsh and Scottish.

Service Description:
I am particularly interested in American East Coast and British ancestries, although I am most willing to research West Coast family histories. I study family lineages in genetic and historical contexts, looking into family records, photographs (special expertise) and letters, public documents (special training and expertise), census data and scores of databases that now track people through their activities and accomplishments on local, national and even international levels. I am self-employed and work on a part-time basis for private clients and charge by the hour.

Academic Degrees:
Master of Arts (America and medieval Europe) ; Master of Divinity (focus on church history) ; Bachelor of Arts (history)

Research Specialty:
Civil War ; Colonial ; Medieval ; Migration ; Quaker ; Royal/Noble Families ; Anglican/Church of England/Episcopalian

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
CA ; FL ; GA ; MA ; NJ ; PA ; New England ; Mid-Atlantic ; South ; British Isles ; England ; Canada - All

Service Categories:
Archivist ; Editor ; Historian ; Instructor ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Author/Writer

Accepts Clients:

1354 Primavera Drive East
Palm Springs
Postal Code:
Evening Phone:

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