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Alice Clement

The Box in the Attic

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My Grandmother GiGi passed away when I was 18 years old. It was then that my mother told me that the man that we always thought was our grandfather, was not. My mother was never allowed to speak of her biological father until after Gi Gi died. My mother s real father deserted Gi Gi in 1924. She destroyed any evidence of him. I remember the sadness in my mothers eyes at the time that went beyond the loss of her mother. It was also the loss she had suffered as child that she held to herself until now. I vowed to find out what happened to my grandfather. I married, had 3 children and a busy life. My Mother was dying in the early 90s, and I spent a great deal of time with her going through photos & letters. As the years went by, I began to be the keeper of those boxes in the attic that no one wanted or knew what was contained inside them. 2010 I begin opening the boxes. My first project was to find an answer about what happened to my grandfather. That proved unfruitful but I have two 2nd cousins that I am in touch with. I found that I am a descendant of 2 Mayflower Passengers and 6 Patriots of the American Revolution. Working on those applications began my learning of the lives of my ancestors and turning them into fact. I was forced into the realization of documentation. This is where I found my passion that was hidden to me until then. My husband and I were given the 23andme test as a gift. And this brought our first surprise in 2016. A relative showed up that had been adopted and looking to see how she was related. A new challenge for me and I had her story and facts to her within a few weeks. She was actually able to meet her birth mother after I presented her with what I found. Then in 2017, another 23andme relative showed up! My Ancestry Family Tree became one of the tools along with DNA to help her. She met her birth parents just last year! Jan 2018, I met a researcher through ancestry trying to return some letters to a family member of mine that were found in box that went unopened for over 70 years. This opened up a new door for me once again. After she returned the letters to my cousin that were written by her father, I began helping her do research for an author writing a book, specifically trying to find information and photos of WWII solders. So, I am privileged to be the keeper of our ancestors lives for all of my family. I would love to help you begin your own journey.

Service Description:
Lineage research, locating people/ancestors for adoptees as well as research for authors. Offering fixed fee review for client with written goals and project expectations. Minimum 3 hour retainer required to initiate research.

Research Specialty:
Adoption ; Lineage Societies ; Mayflower

Geographic Specialty:
CO ; WY ; Rocky Mountains ; Denver

Service Categories:
Historian ; Compiler/Indexer ; Project Management ; Author/Writer

Accepts Clients:

6104 N Belmont Way
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Other Sites:
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