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Clark Kidder

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Clark Kidder resides in southern Wisconsin. Mr. Kidder is considered to be one of the leading authorities on America s Orphan Train Movement. After discovering his paternal grandmother, Emily (Reese) Kidder, was placed on an orphan train by the New York Children s Aid Society and sent to the Midwest in 1906, he began researching the subject and his grandmother s life. He has since authored two books related to the orphan trains, has co-written and co-produced an Emmy-winning documentary West by Orphan Train (based on his book Emily s Story, which chronicles the life of his Grandmother), has written an award-winning article on the subject for the Wisconsin Magazine of History, and has spoken to libraries, historical and genealogical societies, and various other organizations on the subject for nearly twenty years. While researching his grandmother s life story he discovered two of his grandmother s brothers were placed in the New York Juvenile Asylum. During the last two years Mr. Kidder has done extensive research in the records of the Asylum making him uniquely qualified to conduct research for those who may also have a relative that was once placed in the New York Juvenile Asylum. He is a freelance writer for International publications, and has authored several books. His magazine articles have appeared in , the , , (England), (Holland), and . Kidder has been interviewed by numerous reporters for articles in such newspapers as the , and the . His television appearances include MSNBC, PAX, WGN, Wisconsin Public Television, and Iowa Public television. He has been interviewed on numerous radio shows around the nation, including Wisconsin Public Radio and Iowa Public Radio. Kidder was host of his own television show called on JATV, in Janesville, Wisconsin. In addition, he has provided consultation and photographs for documentaries and television shows produced by CBS, and October Films in London, England. Kidder has co-written and co-produced a film based on his book . It was released in 2014 and is titled . The film won two national awards in 2015 a Leadership in History Award from the American Association for State and Local History, and a Clarion Award. On October 3, 2015 the film won a Upper Midwest Regional Emmy Award. The writes about his paternal grandmother, Emily, and mentions his book about her life, i.e. : The book is available in our store. Kidder was the recipient of the 38th Annual Hesseltine Award (http://www.wisconsinhistory...) for his article titled , which appeared in the Winter 2003-2004 issue of the . You can read the complete article here: http://content.wisconsinhis...

Service Description:
I specialize in researching orphan train riders and the records of the New York Juvenile Asylum, but also perform general genealogical research. I draw on my own experience with doing genealogical research on my family and for others for thirty years. Whether you are just beginning or need help knocking down one of those infamous genealogical brick walls, I can be of assistance. I also offer consultation for those seeking some direction on how best to proceed with their own family research. I have published several genealogies on various lines of my family tree and have developed a keen eye for spotting clues and solving mysteries. I even recently reunited an adoptee with her birth family. I will conduct your research with the same passion as I would if it were his own family.Be advised that I will not take your money unless I truly feel that there is a decent chance I can be of assistance on your research request.

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century ; 20th Century

Service Categories:
Historian ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Author/Writer

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1620 Sienna Xing
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