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Andrea Avery

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My love of genealogy and family history began over four decades ago as a child with my grandmother. I learned how to keep notes, research, and write letters to strangers, asking all sorts of personal questions. One must be brave when it comes to research! My first formal genealogy class was in the 1980's, taught by the registrar general of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. She was a stickler for documentary proof, and to this day, I believe it "ain't so" until it is proven. I'm a 6th generation native Texan and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Speech Communication and a minor in English. I taught public school (ninth graders - enough said!) and spent 10 years in the oil industry as a petroleum landman. The specialty of the firm and my entire focus was locating hard-to-find mineral owners for lease purposes. My genealogy experience was incredibly valuable in that pursuit. For the last 20 years I've been a professional genealogist. I have researched for private clients, worked with as an expert on their Expert Connect program, continued to research mineral owners, and taught genealogy classes. And I still love genealogy, whether it's my family or someone else's family.

Service Description:
With a degree in Speech and as a former teacher, I love to share my knowledge and expertise in genealogy as an instructor or lecturer. My husband is an artist and illustrator, so together we can create beautiful family tree posters or charts. We can also "recreate" a damaged heirloom photograph without damaging the original. I'm adept at both internet and courthouse/on-site research. I am also available for document retrieval. While my area of greatest expertise is Texas, the South, and the Southwest, I've researched families in all 50 states, as well as Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Germany (particularly the Alsace region), and England. I have extensive experience in Republic of Texas (1836-1846)research including land titles. I'm available for family history research, missing heir research, and "brick wall" consulting.

Academic Degrees:
B.S. (Speech/English)

Research Specialty:
Civil War ; Land Platting ; Land Records ; Lineage Societies ; Heir Searcher ; Court Records

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century ; 20th Century ; 21st Century

Geographic Specialty:
AR ; LA ; MS ; NM ; OK ; TN ; TX ; South ; Southwest ; Dallas/Ft. Worth ; Houston ; New Orleans

Research Counties:
Travis County, TX ; Williamson County, TX

Service Categories:
Editor ; Instructor ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Photography ; Author/Writer ; Transcription

American English

Accepts Clients:

1404 Apache Cove
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