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Lolita Nikolova

PREDZI Professional Genealogical Research

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Lolita Nikolova is a leading global researcher-scientist and peer-reviewed published author in the field of genealogy, cultural genomics, prehistory and theory of culture. She has been educated in Bulgaria and in USA (PhD, MH, MA, AAS, EdD candidate). Dr. Nikolova arrived in the US in 2000 with Green Card for her scientific results. In 2001 she became a contractor-genealogists, working till now for Universal Genealogy Center and Price & Assoc. From Apr 2015 till Jun 2018 Dr. Nikolova was a full-time genealogist at AncestryProGenealogists (Italian, German and Greek research). In the USA she taught courses in anthropology and archaeology at Salt Lake Community College and The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. Dr. Nikolova was 9 years adjunct assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Utah. Currently, she is a professor and CEO of Open Global Research Academy, with main branch PREDZI Professional Genealogical Research, and continue to work as a contract-genealogist. She has participated in numerous world and international scientific meetings with scientific reports in the field of prehistory, genealogy, theory and art. Her publication activity incudes more 10 monographs and abt 100 scientific peer-reviewed articles. Socially, she is a moderator of several public groups at Facebook (Bulgarian genealogy, Cultural genealogy, Italian genealogy, Genealogy and Art, ect.). Professor Nikolova created the first 21st century classification of genealogy as an anthropological science and the framework of the new branch in science - cultural genomics. Nowadays, Dr Nikolova has been systematically developing a scientific inquiry of transformation of genealogy as an important academic discipline on campus. Her understanding of genealogy as a complex science for enrichment and change of the cultural identity has revolutionary contribution to humanity and to advance of the humanistic global view on the world. Dr. Nikolova has more than 1000 genealogical successful projects on European genealogy, including numerous on-site projects with special focus on Italian, German and Eastern European Genealogy. She works systematically on development of the methodology of the professional genealogical research, in particular on cutting the cost of the research and using the client's funds for research and no more than 90% and no more than 10% for instead management and clerk work. She accepts projects through her global innovative institution PREDZI Professional Genealogical Research and as a contractor-genealogist at Universal Genealogy Center and Price & Assoc.

Service Description:
Professional genealogical research: American immigration, Italian, German, Eastern European and Greek genealogical research (online records, FHL, on-site research); extension of pedigrees, completing family group sheets, finding origin, searching for descendants onsite; translation of documents, problem research, etc. Management of professional genealogical projects (innovative methodology and searching for most effective research); matching available funds with the scale of inquiry. Scientific publications of family trees and problem research.

Academic Degrees:
PhD (Prehistory) ; MH (History) ; MA (Forensic Psychology) ; AAS (Multimedia) ; EdD candidate (Postsecondary and Higher Education)

Research Specialty:
Adoption ; Archaeology (old artifacts) ; Catholic ; Jewish ; Lutheran ; Migration ; Naturalization ; Palatines ; German American ; Italian American ; DNA Specialist ; Greek Immigrants

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
Croatia ; Germany ; Hungary ; Italy ; Romania ; Slovakia ; Switzerland ; Slovenia ; Eastern Europe ; Bulgaria ; Greece ; Serbia

Service Categories:
Historian ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Translator ; Project Management ; Travel & Tours ; Author/Writer

Accepts Clients:

1450 S West Temple aptG104
Salt Lake City
Postal Code:
Salt Lake City
Web Site:

Other Sites:
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