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Rodrigo Castel

Castel Genealogy

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My experience in genealogical research is very wide since I have experience doing genealogical research in many countries. My genealogical experience began as a hobby in 2008. My own family tree included genealogical research in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Bolivia. I worked for about a year with a company in Brazil dedicated to German genealogy, by tracing a lineage (with original documents) between the clients with their German ancestors who immigrated to Brazil in the 19th and 20th centuries, mainly for the request of German citizenship. I started my genealogy studies at BYU in 2016. I learned to use many records from the United States (census records, deeds, wills, military records, immigration records, etc.). I also have learned to apply the Standards of Evidence in my research and reports. Since 2016, I've been dedicated to learning more about how to apply DNA tests (autosomal, Y-DNA, mtDNA) to genealogical research.

Service Description:
My company is dedicated to carrying out a genetic genealogical research, especially for descendants of Dutch people around the World. Those who have Dutch ancestors who were immigrants during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries may find a great opportunity when hiring my services, as I provide genealogical research combined with their autosomal DNA test. Did you know that you can confirm a relationship between you and an ancestor through your autosomal DNA test? By conventional genealogical research, you can trace your family tree primarily based on records. But how many hidden intentional errors can these records prevent us from? What if his 2nd great-grandmother was hiding her great-grandfather's real father? How can you be certain about these kinship beyond what was recorded? Your DNA goes beyond that! And that may give you additional scientific proof about these relationships, and Castel Genealogy will gladly help you with that! If you have ancestors from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg, let Castel Genealogy help you with your family tree and use your DNA test more than just to know your ethnicity percentages.

Professional Learning
BYU-Idaho Cert Fam His Research

Continuing Education:
BYU-Idaho AAS Fam His Research

Research Specialty:
Catholic ; Civil War ; Emigration & Immigration ; Hispanic ; Huguenot ; Lutheran ; German American ; Italian American ; DNA Specialist

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
MO ; OH ; Brazil ; England ; France ; Germany ; Italy ; Latin America ; Netherlands ; Switzerland ; Belgium ; Luxembourg

Service Categories:
Compiler/Indexer ; Translator ; Transcription

Able to use Dutch records ; Can read basic Latin, French, and German, including Gothic script ; English ; Portuguese ; Spanish

Accepts Clients:

6 Fellery Street
Postal Code:
United Kingdom
Day Phone:

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