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Teresa Carpenter

Professional Genealogical Service

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Professional Genealogical Services is a Sole Proprietorship. Before starting the business service, I had been doing genealogical research for close to 20 years. During this time I developed a special interest in Southern Native Research.I've learned over the years there is never an ending place in your own personal research. You must decide where to stop in your own search. If you need help in getting started, brick walls, Native research, or other area's please feel free to contact me about your genealogical needs. Always note there are never any guarnatee's in finding all your ancestors. With my service, you will always receive a qualified conclusion with the weight of the evidence available at the time of service and sources cited.

Service Description:
Southern American Indian Specialist Archivist Book Review Columnists Conference Reunion Planner/Document & Photo Organizer Genealogists/Research Specialist Historian/House Historian Indexer Instructor/Lecturer/Conferences/Events Lineage Specialist/Researcher Photographic (dating of pic and taking of pictures for clients) Research Travel Set up research tours for Clients Brick Walls (partial listing) RESEARCH SERVICES: Genealogical Research includes an initial consultation to determine a focused research goal Development of a custom research plan for your genealogical project Goal oriented research and analysis of the results After research and analysis, I will provide a comprehensive report with source citations copies of relevant documents found (ex. marriage/death/birth records, census images, etc) *Please note that sometimes records cannot be found due to fact that record holdings having been destroyed, a loss due to age, or the records may have never existed. For this reason, results cannot necessarily be guaranteed. However, research will be conducted diligently and you will be provided a list of all resources searched as well as the results. Research Fees: I have a current hourly rate of forty-five dollars ($45) per hour for genealogical and historical research, this includes consultations, research, analysis of information and the preparation of research reports. Occasionally, I offer different rates based on a case by case bases and need. Please contact me for more information. Specialty Research runs at a higher rate. Contact for rate Tribal Federal/State Recogniton Process -Contact for rate Additional expenses are not included in the above stated rate. Seventy-five (75) % of calculated expenses are due upfront. They may include but are not limited to, copies, document retrieval, microfilm rental, postage, repository access, parking, and travel. Mileage over twenty-five( 25) miles is charged at fifty-four and one half (54.5) cents, (2018 IRS rate) the current federal government allowable rate per mile. Ten (10) hours is a set usual set block to get started for most of the services we provide. These fees are required up front and is based on the agreed upon time limit: for example, a ten hour project at forty-five( $45) an hour four hundred and fity ($450) plus seventy-five( 75%) of calculated expenses and is non refundable. I accept, cash, cashiers checks and money orders. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about any expenses involved in hiring me to help you with your research.

Continuing Education:
Universal College Online , Auburn University Advanced Grant Writing &Consul

Research Specialty:
Historical Sites ; House Historian ; Land Records ; Lineage Societies ; Heir Searcher ; American Indian ; Court Records

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
AL ; AR ; GA ; KY ; MS ; NC ; SC ; TN ; VA ; South

Service Categories:
Archivist ; Historian ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Project Management ; Author/Writer ; Marketing Consulting

Accepts Clients:

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