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Diana Elder, AG®

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BYU Family History Library ; Family History Library - Salt Lake City ; Utah State Archives, Salt Lake City, UT

I lecture on organization, location research, source citations, mind mapping for genealogy, and research methodology.

Research Like A Pro: A Genealogist's Guide

National Genealogical Society, Utah Genealogical Society The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, Association of Professional Genealogists

Research Like a Pro study group: I solved a long-standing family mystery using the research methods Diana provided. I certainly became a research log enthusiast when I saw how much using the log helped me with this solution. Each lesson demonstrated how much more efficient and effective my research could be, and I would recommend this class to anyone who seriously wants to improve their skills. I have been doing genealogy for over 20 years, but this class helped me on to a new level. -Rondie Yancey, December 2017 Document Retrieval: Today I was thrilled to receive a copy of a deed that I was not entirely sure existed. Diana understood my exact needs, retrieved the deed quickly, and sent the copy along with complete documentation. Working with her is a delight! I will be a return customer and will happily refer her to my friends. -Martha J. Hazen, May 2018 Research Like A Pro: A Genealogist's Guide I am not a beginning genealogist, but my research process was a bit disorganized until I followed Diana s Research Like a Pro process. Her book guides you through her simple process step-by-step. She gives you the reasons behind each step, real-life examples she successfully used in each step, and a template to follow with instructions. And the best part is that she invites everyone who purchases the book to join her Research Like a Pro Facebook group so that they can receive the benefits of a study group environment and research tips directly from Diana. I will use this book as a refresher when beginning a new project and recommend it to any genealogist who wishes to begin researching like a pro. -Sherri H, February 2018 Professional Research Services: Diana Elder assisted me in research one of my brick walls, my third great-grandparents Joseph Tiochi and Mary Gallagher. She organized the documents I had in my possession and extracted additional facts from them. She also performed additional research using census, city directories, immigration, and notarial records. She organized all the information in an easy to read format. She gave me suggestions for future research. I highly recommend Diana Elder. She was very knowledgeable and professional at all times. I was very pleased with her research. Joey L. Caccarozzo, July 2017

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