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Marisela Meskus

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My genealogical research journey began in 2004 on a family trip to the Dominican Republic. My father left his country of birth in 1964 and had not returned since. When he spoke about his old playground, I quickly learned how much family history meant to me. As a professional genealogist, I aspire to help others learn about their ancestors so that they feel as rooted down as I did then. I recently completed the Boston University Certificate Program in Genealogical Research. I am currently on the Board of the California Genealogical Society and volunteer at the Oakland Family History Center. I also work as a library assistant at the Mechanics' Institute Library and Chess Room in San Francisco. In 2015 I graduated San Francisco State University with a master's degree in Linguistics. By studying conversation analysis, I am able to communicate effectively with clients and others (clerks, librarians, archivists, etc.) involved in the research process. During my undergraduate career, I focused on cultural and ethnic history in the United States. I took classes like History of Race in America, African American History, Asian American History, and Chicano History as well as California Native American Anthropology, the History of Clothing, and Cultural Psychology.

Service Description:
I am located within walking distance of the Alameda County Recorder's Office and the Alameda County Courthouse, and love to do lookups there. I can also do lookups for San Francisco and Contra Costa counties. Lookups in or near Merced County can be arranged (Merced is my hometown.) I have done research at the San Francisco branch of the National Archives, the California State Library in Sacramento and the California State Library Sutro Library in San Francisco. My own family research has given me experience researching various countries online: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands. Email me and I will try to accommodate you.

Academic Degrees:
BA (U.S. History) ; MA (Linguistics)

Professional Learning
BU Certificate in Gen Research

Research Specialty:

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
CA ; West ; San Francisco ; Latin America ; Mexico ; West Indies

Service Categories:
Editor ; Historian ; Author/Writer ; Transcription ; Blogger

Accepts Clients:

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