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Kelly Riordan a division of International Genealogical Search Inc.

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Kelly Riordan is a professional forensic genealogical researcher with, a division of International Genealogical Search Inc. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

Since 1967,, a division of International Genealogical Search Inc., has specialized in providing forensic genealogy A Better Way to the legal and trust professions. We welcome the opportunity to work with executors, administrators, trustees, fiduciaries, bank and trust officers, and their counsel.

Many heir locator firms, otherwise known as heir hunters, use questionable, high-pressure tactics to obtain excessive percentage fees of inheritances. In order to protect their percentage fees, heir hunters may withhold the name of the deceased, and even the amount of the inheritance until the heir agrees to sign a contract. This means heirs are being asked to sign away a percentage of an unknown amount and heir hunter fees can sometimes be as much as 50% of the person s inheritance. There is A Better Way.

At, we provide forensic genealogy services A Better Way through our five-pillar approach that ensures reasonable, non-percentage based fees, authorized search services, a 97% success rate, documented court-ready reports and worldwide service.

Reasonable Non-Percentage Based Fees
Our fees are quoted in advance and determined by a set fee schedule based on the type of search and your requirements never as a percentage of the trust or estate. Our services can be retained on a flat fee basis or on an hourly basis.

Authorized Search Services
Unauthorized searches are common in the industry due to the significant windfall rewards that are possible. services are retained by attorneys and trust officers for reasonable fees, as quoted in advance and we never initiate an independent search. We believe courts look more favorably on agreements with heir search firms when the cost of the search is known in advance.

97% Success Rate Since 1967
Our research experts are highly qualified through a combination of specialized education, training and experience in finding missing heirs and beneficiaries. Since 1967, this knowledge and expertise has resulted in an average success rate of 97%.

Documented Court-Ready Reports
HeirSearch Court-Ready-Documents-Our final report provides clear and convincing evidence of the identities and location of all concerned parties. All available supporting documentation, such as records of birth, death, marriage, divorce, or census details are included as well. The report is compiled and presented in a concise, easy-to-read format that is suitable for an exhibit in court proceedings.

Worldwide Service
Over the years, has successfully located countless missing heirs and lost beneficiaries in more than 65 countries. Regardless of location or scarcity of information, our in-house knowledge and access to international research expertise allows us to succeed where other heir hunter firms often fail.

Service Description:
Search Services provides forensic genealogical search services to legal and trust professionals to assist them with meeting their fiduciary responsibilities in finding missing heirs. Since 1967, our company has successfully completed thousands of worldwide heir searches with a 97% success rate.

We offer a selection of search services that address the myriad of reasons why you may need to conduct a search.

Estate and Trust Matters - We use our professional expertise to identify, locate, prove and report known and unknown heirs or beneficiaries, both domestically and internationally.

For Notice Searches - We aid our clients in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities in providing notice to heirs searches by supplying current contact information (or the results of our due diligence search efforts) in order for them to provide notice of estate or trust matters, while working within the necessary timelines, budgetary constraints and required scope of work.

Property Matters - We directly identify, locate, prove and report heirs or beneficiaries related to the following: An Action to Quiet Title, Property Ownership.

More Information

Research Specialty:
African American ; Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) ; Heir Searcher ; American Indian ; Acadian-Cajun ; Irish American ; Italian American ; Polish American ; Japanese American ; Greek Immigrants ; Chinese American ; Asian American

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century ; 20th Century ; 21st Century

Geographic Specialty:
New England ; Mid-Atlantic ; South ; Midwest ; Rocky Mountains ; Southwest ; West ; Northwest ; England ; France ; Wales ; Canada - All

Service Categories:
Historian ; Author/Writer ; Oral History/Interview

Accepts Clients:

PO Box 34000
Postal Code:
Day Phone:
1-800-663-2255 x2650
Web Site:

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